Prolotherapy involves injecting an irritant solution into a ligament to reduce pain by promoting strengthening of that structure.

The theory behind the procedure is that the injected solution promotes an inflammatory response that enables recruitment of growth factors to the affected area. These growth factors promote collagen production, the principal component of ligaments.

Prolotherapy is particularly useful in the pelvis for problems such as sacroiliac joint pain or pain originating from the pubic symphysis (the joint between the two pubic bones at the front of the pelvis). The ligaments supporting these joints can become chronically lax and in particular this can be a problem in people with chronic back pain, sports participants with chronic groin pain (“osteitis pubis”, sportsman’s hernia etc.) after significant injuries/accidents or during and post pregnancy (when movement at these joint increases in response to hormonal changes).

Those most likely to respond to prolotherapy are people who have had a good response to using a supportive sacroiliac/pubic symphysis belt or supportive taping. Prolotherapy is used in conjunction with a strengthening program for best results.

* Please note that in this practice prolotherapy is not used for locations other than the sacroiliac joint and pubic symphysis.