Health and Wellbeing

In dedicating his medical career to Sports and exercise medicine, Dr. Lewis aims to promote his passion for health and wellbeing in the community.

Whether you are a professional athlete, a weekend warrior or a complete novice to exercise, Dr. lewis believes that your life and the life of others around you can be enriched by partaking in an active and healthy lifestyle.


The benefits of exercise are by now well known. The challenge is to get everyone on the bandwagon.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends 30 minutes of exercise 5 days a week in order to improve cardiorespiratory and muscular fitness, improve bone health and reduce the risk of chronic diseases and depression. For some people this is a breeze, whilst for others this number is daunting. Whatever your sporting level and whatever your reason to exercise, Dr Lewis will provide you with the support you need to get active and reach your goals.

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Pre-participation medical screening

Some people come to Dr Lewis with minimal fitness and little exercise experience. Some people are worried that they are not medically fit to train. No matter what your medical condition, there is always something that can be safely achieved through exercise.

Dr Lewis will spend time with you discussing your medical problems and assessing your safety to exercise by performing a thorough medical screen (including relevant investigations such as blood tests, ECG, echocardiogram respiratory function tests). He will then provide you with advice and support to help you on your journey.

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Peak training and performance

Whereas some people are just getting started, others are already addicts! And for many addicts, it isn’t just about participation, but also about squeezing every ounce of performance out of their body.

Having worked in elite sporting environments and with elite athletes across numerous sports, Dr. Lewis can use his experience to help guide you on your journey to achieving your sporting goals.

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We all know well the health benefits of eating a healthy and balanced diet. By the same token, in order to train and perform at maximum capacity it is vital that we adequately fuel our bodies for action.

Nutrition plays a vital role in performance and general wellbeing. What is often not well understood, however, is how the timing and type of food intake before, during and after sports participation can be crucial in influencing how our bodies respond to exercise.

Some symptoms during exercise (eg. heartburn, dizziness, confusion) can often be alleviated simply by reviewing peri-participation food intake habits.

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Women’s health

Men and women are different; that is not ground-breaking news. It therefore stands to reason that treatment approaches used for female athletes will occasionally differ to treatment approaches used for male athletes.

In order to investigate the reasons behind some problems, Dr. Lewis may sometimes need to ask you some sensitive questions about topics such as menstruation, contraception and diet. This information is often quite important in diagnosing and treating your injury. Be assured that Dr. Lewis will discuss your problems with discretion, sensitivity and compassion.

If you have brought someone in for support (eg. partner, parent or friend) and would prefer to discuss these issues in private, Dr. Lewis will give you the option to ask others in attendance to leave the room temporarily.

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Men’s health

Just as women have unique health considerations, problems unique to men are often underestimated.

Dr. Lewis understands these issues and will discuss these with you with sensitivity, compassion and understanding. Your privacy will always be respected and you will be provided with the appropriate support and advice to treat your condition.

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